11 things you MUST do in Boston!!

All of these are just my opinion, of course... There are plenty of experts - but these are just based on my own experience!

  1. Take in a game at Fenway Park. It was a perception altering experience... Almost spiritual :-)
  2. Faneuil Hall Market Place
  3. Cheers (the original ... but for the history, not the food!)
  4. Boston Aquarium. Turtles and fish and sharks - oh my!

  5. Freedom Trail
  6. Boston Photowalk. Lots of history and great shots.

  7. Kingfish Hall. My new favorite restaurant of all time.
    You MUST order the New England Lobster Boil. (Appetizers - the calamari was excellent. Dessert - the chocolate tort was mind-blowing.) Be prepared to spend the big bucks, but it is absolutely phenomenal.
  8. Tour Sam Adams Brewery. But call ahead! When we got there, it was a 3 hour wait. So we toured the reception area instead.
  9. Boston Common - it's beautiful
  10. Good Bar. A fantastic local bar - it kind of became OUR own personal Cheers.
    183 State Street
  11. Blue Man Group. Hilarious and great show :-)


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