~*~the difference between taking pictures and photography~*~

Eventually I'll research what other people think of the difference between taking pictures and photography. But before my personal ideas become mingled with the theories that belong to those other (and most likely more knowledgeable) people, I want to define my own intrinsic philosophy on the matter.

I love pictures. I love taking them - and more importantly, I love starring in them. Seriously. If you were to look at my facebook page - or any of the other sites I belong to that allow me to post online pictures (snapfish, etc), you would see I'm in almost all of them. And although there are many posed, a lot of them are funny, goof-around, "look at me" pictures. I don't take them seriously when I'm behind (or in front of) the camera - they are just for fun with no artistic value.

Pictures are what you snap when you take your camera out to a bar, or to a party, or to a family gathering. You don't put thought into the lighting or different camera settings. You simply capture the fun moments with people you love.

I think that pictures are JUST as important as photographs. Pictures last a lifetime - and can evoke strong emotions. I spend tons of time pouring over old albums transporting myself back into fantastic and fun moments spent with my friends and family. When I look at pictures (after the standard self critique of my personal appearance) I’m reminded of people and events that I don’t ever want to forget.

Photographs can also last a lifetime and evoke emotion. But I think that photographry take more work; you take into effect the lighting (or lack thereof), the mood (internally even more than externally), angles, perspectives, timing. I know there are ALL sorts of technicalities that I don't even have a clue about at this point. You plan more for photography. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure that some of the best shots happen by chance - but no matter how natural the moment, you're always aware of your specific surroundings. Is the background too crowded? Is the overall setting harmonious?

There is an elemental art to photography. Whether it’s found in the way the shots are taken, in the objects that they're taken of, or in the eyes of the viewer, it’s always there. And that’s what both attracts and inspires me. I want to find my own art through the lens of my camera.

My thoughts on the art of photography may be the exact opposite of someone else’s, but that’s ok. Because I’m doing this for myself. I want to take photographs that will bring me pleasure to look at. If someone else thinks my shots are amateur, they’ll probably be right! But I won’t care. There are tons of brilliant photographers out there, and I’m sure that I’ll never stand out among them. I can’t see this ever becoming a lucrative project – and I don’t mind at all. This is just for me.

I want to capture what I think is beautiful and make it stand out. I want exemplify parts of life that might otherwise be ignored and get down to the nitty-gritty of what actually makes them quite extraordinary.

Now all I need is a camera!


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